Shadows at Midnight by Amanda Bonilla


Shadows at Midnight is the 5th book in the Shaede Assassin Series and it does not disappoint. Curl up with your favorite bowl of cheerios, a warm cup of tea (perhaps white) and get comfortable, because you won’t want to put this book down! Fresh with pixies, flesh-eating ghouls, and goblins this tale is bristling with fast-paced, soul-binding momentum.

A kingdom out of balance, our two delectable heroes, a Jinn (Tyler) and a King (Xander), must work together to save the love their hearts compete for. Betrayed by an old friend, Darian’s luck has nearly run out as her strength, her will, and even her sanity are put to the ultimate test. Our heroine undergoes incomprehensible tortures, yet like the phoenix, rises from the ashes stronger than ever.

I love the flashbacks to the early relationship between Darian and Tyler. Even readers new to the series can get caught up in the nostalgia. Packed with deception, passion, and unbreakable bonds this tale is a testament to the harm we do to ourselves through our own codependences and self-scrutinizing minds. The guilt of our mistakes weighs heavier on our minds than any pain inflicted by another. Shadows at Midnight is action packed with stolen moments of sweet redemption including the gift of life. And a moment devotees have been waiting for, the secrets of Nys’Asdar are finally revealed. In the end, there is an emptiness filled with longing…and hope. Heart-rending & Beautiful.

The flames of our passion burned like the sun, as unquenchable as our love.

Amanda Bonilla is a maestro of written symphony. Her stories are masterpieces as she subtly weaves her intricate tales, captivating her audience with page turning action and suspense, and then with calculated skill leaves them wanting more after every chapter and at every end. A true master of the pen.


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