La Belle Rouge

La Belle Rouge: Case of the Amulet of Kaang

The Big SleepMy first attempt at writing a comic book story, I was given three days to pitch an idea that followed the theme of momentum for the 2015 release of the annual 6×6 for the Momentum edition. I came up with a female detective named Charlee Kaplan. I am a huge fan of Philip Marlowe often portrayed by another favorite, Humphrey Bogart.

violetteI like the boys name for a female and the confusion it often eludes to. Detective Charlee Kaplan is also a she-tiger which is quite fitting as Kaplan is Turkish for tiger. To establish the momentum I decided our leading lady would be in heat and tracked the building momentum with well placed ticks and tocks. That meant her emotions would be all over the place with heightened passion and/or rage, depending on which buttons are being pushed at the time. What I ended up with was sexy, witty, and delightful. The cat’s meow if you know what I mean. 

**This first short-story is featured in 6×6: Momentum, published by Corvid Tear Media and Mystery House Comics. I had the honor of being paired with an incredible illustrator, Jacob Bear to bring this to life! Plans are in the works to produce a full comic of La Belle Rouge, so stay tuned for updates!