Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley


MagoniaMaria (the whimsical, bold, and imaginatively delectable author) is the ideal babysitter and bedtime storyteller (for any being large or small with a super awesome kid on the inside). She would happily instigate blanket forts, swordplay, and lots and lots of jumping on the bed. And if your parents were rather dull, she would no doubt supply glow in the dark paint to help you design your own spectacular solar system on your ceiling (better for ensuring aliens to watch over you in your sleep).

For adult oversight, imagine the same shenanigans with the entire city of New York as a bedroom. Maria would even make you a fantastical beverage concoction to lull you in to sweet, sweet dreams of even more outstanding adventure.

Now that you are having such a great time (fantastical beverage concoction in hand), it is time to dive in to Maria’s extraordinary new novel, Magonia. A YA story bursting with adventure and the incredible magic of young love.

At some point in all of our lives, we feel like we just don’t fit in. To cope, we concoct alternative realities that make us feel unique and alive. We go on marvelous adventures with our imaginary friends and believe that we are long lost princesses (or aliens) or have a forgotten twin or telepathically linked doppelgänger. What if those fantasies were real?

In Magonia, Aza Ray is torn between two worlds. Two destinies. In one world she is drowning, in the other she is ascending. And there’s a boy that would break all of the laws (and his parents rules) and cross the world for her. Maria’s writing hooks you and reels you in (pun intended). Her character’s emotions become your own. Every cloud, rainstorm, and birdsong evokes emotion and makes you wonder…is Magonia calling my name?


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**Magonia can be found at Barnes&, or bookstores around the world.

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